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Lonni in her studio

Photo by Jorge Alvarez.

Lonni Hopkins

Lonni received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida (with a lithography emphasis studying under Theo Wujick.) Lonni has a Masters Degree in Art Education and has been an artist and teacher for more than 24 years.

How light dances across the surface of the metal is an important consideration in the designs. Stones provide a sense of color and contrast.

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It’s all about texture, form, negative space and color. Inspiration comes from observing the environment, plants, seeds, water, rock formations, the layering of sand and soil; the texture, interaction, movement and layering of these objects are sources of her designs. But inspiration also comes from traveling, architecture, history, and the visual arts such as dance, painting, and sculpture. The workings of mechanical objects inspire how how pieces might be assembled and connected. Lonni draws upon memories, nostalgia, history and stories, to represent her ideas and concepts. She works from sketches, clippings, and written notes. Typically her work is highly textured, and color is added through use of stones to create contrast or to create a focal point in the piece. Sometimes the stone is the catalyst for the design, and other times the stone is chosen for the pop and contrast it provides. Her techniques include, a variety of texturing techniques, hammering, reticulating, and fusing. The work is wearable, comfortable, functional, elegant, and always one-of-a-kind.